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Lifetime (Oxford English Video)

About Liefetime (Oxford English Video)

Lifetime is a three-level Oxford English video comedy-drama for learning levels Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, and intermediate. Each level consists of seven episodes, with an emphasis on the communicative language.

Year: 1999
Author: Tom Hutchinson
Developer: Oxford English Video
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Written by : Tom Hutchinson
Script Editor : Martyn Hobbs

People in Lifetime

Julia Drake - Robin Weaver
Tim Barnes - William Rycroft
Rebecca Bond - Katherine Porter
Gary Fenton - Martin Ball
Sean Casey - Anderson Knight
Martha Mckay - Eve White
Ted - Tudoph Walker
Sandra Drake - Angela Douglas
Colin Drake - John Abbott
Carl Stalker - Paul Antony - Barber
Eilie - Sara Houghton
Mr Jackson - Paul Nicholson
Richard Bennet - Jack Ellis
Charlotte Mortimer - Dolly Wells

Episode List

Oxford English Video: Lifetime - Level 1
Oxford English Video: Lifetime - Level 2
Oxford English Video: Lifetime - Level 3

Dictation Practice

Practice Level 1

Practice Level 2

Practice Level 3

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